Jokkmokk is a magical place all year round surrounded by amazing nature. Jokkmokk is also a cultural center for the Sami people in Sapmi, the land of the Sami, Europe´s only indigenous people.
The municipality has more reindeers than humans and more than 80% of the area are national park and nature reserves. The area is bigger than some central European countries.
The reindeer herding families still live a nomadic lifestyle and follows the movements of the reindeers. And the reindeers follows the 8 seasons and the weather and nature patterns.
The darkness lets us see the northern light, the Milky Way, and faint objects that you only can see in the absence of light pollution. The cold creates the breathtaking winter landscape and the glittering of frost-covered trees. In the summertime, you will experience the eternal day and the golden midnight sun.
Now there is a unique opportunity to experience this from the comfort of your bedroom with a glass window view directly from your private Panoramic Aurora Igloohotel.


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Laponia World Heritage is a Sámi cultural landscape with human activity since thousands of years. It is Europe’s biggest contiguous natural landscape. UNESCO designated Laponia as World Heritage Site for its culture and nature in 1996. The area is so unique and important for all of man to preserve for future generations.
A diverse range of ecosystems exists within the reserve, ranging from arctic taiga, arctic tundra and alpine tundra with old growth pine and spruce forest to roaring river, thousands of lakes and the wildest peaks in Sweden. Aurora Igloohotel is located in close proximity to the reserve, at the junction between the Lule and Pearl river.

Abundant wildlife

Jokkmokks protected ecosystem consisting of forests, lakes, rivers and alpine peaks provides habitats for a vast array of species, some are endangered or rare. Arctic taiga and tundra makes up a majority of the nature Reserve’s land component and is dominated by old trees including the Pine,Spruce and the Birch, while around 300 animal species include the brown bear, lynx, wolverine, elk and reindeer. The rivers and lakes are home to arctic char, trout, salmon trout, whitefish and gryling.

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Local flavors

Jokkmokks pristine natural environment also produces a bounty of wild game meat and edible wild and harvested plants, mushroom and berries. Local produce that appears regularly on the menu at the Aurora igloohotel include singing-fresh fish, reindeer and elk, foraged wild mushrooms c and the gold of Lapland, cloundberries. Local wild and sustainably produced ingredients feature in a dining experience that offers a taste of Laponias natural beauty. Read about our Slow food Sápmi Philosophy. 

A cultural

 The Sámi peoples who have lived in the area since the last iceage ended some 8000 years ago. Aurora Igloohotel is located in the Jåhkågasska tjiellde Sámi community where guests can visit and learn more from the reindeer herders. Aurora Igloohotel and the reindeer herders have fostered a friendship-based partnership built on a mutual desire to honour, celebrate, protect and educate guests about the region’s natural and cultural heritage.

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Lapland  Seasons

The arctic mountains that dominate the landscape and ecosystem in Jokkmokk togheter with the gulf stream also drive the weather systems. It gives inland climate with cold snowy winter and dry hot summers. The Sámi has eight seasons all worth a visit.And the arctic light always changes through the seasons.


Gidádálvve –

This is our favorite season, the sun has returned to the arctic and feelings enlightens the souls. The days gets warmer and the migratory birds starts to show up again. The mountain Sámi communities starts there preparations for the migration to the summer grazing lands close to the Norwegian border.The sun and snow can turn your skin brown or red very fast.Still the nights is usualy cold and clear. Still we can experience heavy snowfalls and winter storms. In the forests the snow is still deep. In the old forests you can hear the mating calls of the capercaillie and if you approach slowly you can see there mating dance a spectacular consert. Nordic skiers comes to the area but you have to be prepared for fast weahter changes.

Dálvve – winter

The winter are the coldest period with normal temperatures between - 10 to -20 degrees celsius. But it can drop down to -40 some days a year. This is the most cozy season where you can go out in the darkness and still see  enough to ski over lakes and mires under the glowing moon and twinkling starts. Here you really understands why its called “the Milky way”. This is astrophotography season.
When you come home you relax in front of a fire and suddenly you feel home and safe even if you are out in the middle of nature.

Tjaktjadálvve –

This is a happy and active season, the first snow comes and it lights up the previously dark ground, it is easier to see at night. The mountain Sámi communities starts to form winter groups with the reindeers and moves them down to around Jokkmokk.Its tracking time, animals leave clear signs in the snow and some animals goes to sleep for the winter. The first winter storms hits the high mountains. The sun is wanishing and its just a few ours of sunlight but it makes the most picturesque golden hours.

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Tjaktja – autumn

Autumn storms and night frosts cools down the ground. Everybody humans and animals prepare for winter. The first weeks of september is the reindeer slaughter season before the bulls start mating Elk hunting is almost as popular as the Olympic games, almost all families want to fill the frezzers before winter.Visiting birds from Africa starts to think its to cold and moves south.Some animals changes there camouflage to more white.The stars starts to light up and we accept that the autumn is here.

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Tjaktjagiesse –

Summer is over and the stars are coming back to life. The harvesting time is here for animals and humans. To grow fat deposits to survive winter or for gathering food. Berries, plants and herbs are foraged, fish is frozen down for the coming month and wild game are hunted.

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Giesse – summer

Freedom feelings and fun has no end. The night will not return the next two month,it eternal day and people have energy 24/7. The sun give life to the human souls, to plants that grows big and to the animals that can grow fat again after loosing every energy reserve during winter.
Reindeer herding communities migrates to the summer land and calf-marking work begins during some intense summer week. The heat drives the reindeers up on the mountains where they cool down on snowy deposits.

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Gidágiesse –
spring summer

Know everything melts and tons and tons of snow should reach the rivers and the ocean. Wetlands are really wet and the spring flood can make transportation difficult. This is also the bird season were insects wake up and are eaten by the birds.A wonderful time for rafting,packrafting and canoeing to get closer to the wildlife.

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Gidá – spring

Everything comes back to life. In mid-May, the cows give birth to their calves. The Sámi year begins. The brown bear has woken up and are hungry for reindeers. Some places in the mountains are already whitout snow. When the snowpack gets really wet you can only move during night on the crust. During a few weeks it can be impossible to travel on the snow, you have to stay where you are.

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